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11 Mar Rules on how to wear a jacket?
Turkan Senturk 194 4862
  There are many factors that determine when and how you should button your jacket. First, consider whether your jacket is single-breasted or double-breasted. Whether your jacket is single-breasted o..
11 Mar How to use buttons for decoration?
Turkan Senturk 0 5187
  Do you sometimes feel like there are too many colorful buttons in your home? Wondering what to do with them? With this post, we will offer you some ideas for applying these beautiful little things i..
30 Jan What is the Difference Between Open End Zippers (Separeted) and Closed End Zippers?
Turkan Senturk 0 8196
Zippers can be classified into 2 basic types, open-end zipper and closed-end zipper.The easiest way to distinguish an open-end zipper from a closed-end zipper is to look at the bottom stop.If th..
30 Jan Snap Buttons - How to Attach Snaps Correctly
Turkan Senturk 13 7245
Snaps Automatic machines and semi-automatic machines with various features are available for attaching buttons and snaps. Please refer to the specifications of different machines and follow the attach..
30 Jan Different Classification of Modern Clothing Buttons
Turkan Senturk 0 4948
Although buttons were primarily used for fastening, their early use was actually not that functional. Early buttons were used as seals, ornaments, and decorative accents, and it was only in the 13th c..
30 Jan 10 Factors to Consider When Buying Buttons
Turkan Senturk 0 5280
Buttons are not only a simple fastening tool, they can also be a great accessory to enhance the aesthetics of your garment. Choosing the right type of button to suit both your aesthetic and functional..
30 Jan Differences Between Perforated Sew-on Button and Footed Button - Blazer Jacket Button
Turkan Senturk 0 5387
Buttons are often considered just a small fastening tool, and we often underestimate that. In fact, there are several different types of buttons, each with their own characteristics, attributes, and p..
30 Jan How to Sew Shank Buttons? Blazer and Jacket Buttons Sewing Guide
Turkan Senturk 1 7457
Wondering how to sew a shank button? Most of us know how to sew a flat button, but not everyone knows the right steps for a stand up jacket button. There are two basic types of buttons, the shank butt..
28 Jan Quality Standards and Durabillity Of Zippers
Turkan Senturk 0 4067
 QUALITY STANDARDS AND DURABILITY OF ZIPPERSAs with every product, there are some quality standards expected during use in zippers. Whether these standards are sufficient is determined by some phy..
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