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We have approximately 3000 unique textile accessory models with a monthly capacity of 300 000 thousand produced by our company. To give a short example:


Düğme Çeşitleri ve Modelleri

1- Sewing Buttons: 


  • Flip Buttons
  • Blazer Jacket Buttons
  • 2 and 4 Hole Sew Buttons
  • Jeans Buttons
  • Rivets - Rivets
  • Snap Buttons
  • Outerwear Snap Buttons
  • Sew-on Snap Buttons


Fermuar elcikleri ve Çekecekleri

2- Zipper Pulls- Zipper Pullers

  • Zipper Pullers Suitable for General Use
  • Branded and Logo Zipper Pullers
  • Zipper Pullers Suitable for Outerwear Zippers
  • Zipper Pullers Suitable for Bags and Suitcases
  • Zipper Pullers Suitable for Sports Wear Products
  • Zipper Pullers Suitable for Child Wear


3 - Buckles

  • Pin  Buckles,
  • Center Bar Buckles
  • Strap and Strap Adjustment Buckles,
  • Belt Buckles,
  • Decorative Buckles,
  • Snap Buckles,
  • Frog Closures,
  • D Rings,
  • Square Ringss,
  • O Rings 


4- Cord Ends and Cord Locks

  • Cord End - Cord End Caps
  • Lace Ends
  • Sewing Tie ends
  • Stopper - Cord Locks


5- Eyelets

  • Shoe eyelets - boots, sandals, sneakers
  • Rectangle Eyelets
  • Oval Eyelets
  • Square Eyelets
  • Oval Edged Eyelets

6- Metal Tags


  • Labels With Logo
  • Company Name Labels

7 - Suspension Chains

Since 1994, Çağlayan Aksesuar Tekstil. and Ax. LLC. has become Turkey's largest and leading seller of textil accessories types made of zamak metal. We send packages daily from our warehouse in İkitelli to Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Europe and all over the world. offers zamak metal accessories products to both commercial customers and end consumers. Our standard range is shipped directly from our own stock through our webshop. We design and produce custom made accessories according to your request. Besides standard textile accessories, we also manufacture promotional items.

Çağlayan Aksesuar's Basic Values ​​of Our Company

Our policy is to treat you as we would like to be treated. Quality, Service and Innovation - This is what you expect from us.

  • Reliable - Quality textile accessories with quality control

  • Attention - a small or large order; Each package will be carefully prepared and shipped.

  • Honest - Pricing is in line with product and service quality

  • Product Stock - Turkey's largest supply of zamak textile accessories, directly from our own stock

  • Flexible - Thinking with you to always look for new designs and models

  • Teamwork - A strong team works every day to achieve the best results for you


Order Size and Automation

Made-to-order work is something we work on every day, along with an efficient process in our company to ensure quality and speed. A standard wholesale order of 30 000 units and an order of 12 units require a different approach. Our team works by hand and with innovative automation tools, ensuring that we can deliver made-to-order jobs quickly and efficiently. If something goes wrong, our service team will provide a quick solution by means of personal communication.

From 10,000 to Few Pieces

Whether you are looking for an order of 10,000 pieces or just a few accessories, we will find a solution to every question about zamak accessories; either from our own stock or with special craftsmanship.

3500 - Unique Model and Variety

Besides zamak accessories, we also supply different textil accessories - such as zipper.

4.9 out of 5 - Customer Review rating

We review customer reviews on our site every day. Proud of its high average review score of 4.9 out of 5

4 customer representatives

Our team is on duty for you 5 days a week

More than 15,000 - Customers Served

Over the past years has had the privilege of helping more than 15,000 unique customers

Why ?

Our way of working is based on flexibility; We try to provide maximum service with minimum conditions for our customers! We keep it as simple as possible for you as a customer and for us as a supplier.


  • We are one of the biggest Zamak Textile Accessory manufacturers in Turkey.

  • Tiered pricing for wholesale customers

  • Order : We try to serve small quantities. We strive to support small businesses.

  • We work with the shortest deadlines.

  • Special product - accessory design and manufacture

  • We can ship anywhere in the world. Currently orders are shipped within 30 hours

  • Excellent personal customer service

  • High average customer review score: 4.9 out of 5