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Buttonsguyçcom, which is the most profitable for its customers with its product range and concept brand, and has many models and product groups, is now providing its customers in Turkey and abroad with its Easy Online Store. It turns Order and Affordable Price Options into opportunities.


Continuing to change your products with its innovative and functional designs, renews your products in the light of new trends and technologies, not only with its elegant and stylish snap button varieties, but also with its wide product range from two-hole and four-hole buttons to zipper pullers, from square and oval buckles to roller buckles. . All you have to do is browse our site and choose the products.


Brand and design solutions tailored to your budget and style, which we offer with our expert molders in the field, turn into reality as you imagine by making 3D drawings according to usage and functionality. An arbitrary fashion and design process awaits you with fast service and affordable prices.

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Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter! | Turkey's Best Quality Product Selling Site in Its Field is the world's largest and best quality textile accessories, bag and shoe accessories manufacturer and supplier. On our site, you can find thousands of different buttons, snap fasteners, sewing buttons, perforated buttons, rivets, jeans buttons, snap buttons, buckle types, clips, tie types, coed ends, cord locks, stopper types and models. Whether you choose your own design, choose from our ready-made models or place a special order, we produce and send the most suitable accessory for you in a fast and affordable way. Our Textile Accessories are made of high quality materials and are durable, colorful and striking. You can attach clothing accessories to your clothes, Bag accessories to your bags, Other accessories to your hats or anywhere you want. With our buttons, you can show your personality, taste, passion or message.

As, we consider customer satisfaction as our top priority. We process your orders as soon as possible and give you a tracking number. You can easily check the status of your orders on our website. Also, if you have any questions or problems, you can contact our professional and friendly customer service team who will be happy to assist you. We offer secure payment options on our site. You can pay by credit card or bank transfer.

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Our Metal Accessories Types for Textile and Leather Products:

  • Metal Buttons : We manufacture metal buttons in different sizes and sizes, and we produce logos, patterns and preferred sizes according to the wishes of our customers.
  • Shank Buttons : You can examine the button types that can be used easily in blazer jackets, coats, topcoats, coats and dresses.
  • Jeans Buttons : We cover jeans buttons, denim coat buttons and models according to our customers' requests.
  • Snap Fasteners : You can discover patterned, plain and different sizes and sizes of pipe type snap fastener models and types here.
  • Outerwear Snap Fasteners : You can examine this type of button with the aim of adding functional and aesthetics to your outerwear or leather products.
  • Sewing Snap Fasteners : You can find our snap button type here, where you can add practicality and functionality to outerwear, bags, shoes and other textile products by yourself and with the help of a machine.
  • Metal Buckle Types : Our company, which is one of the leaders in the accessory manufacturing sector. metal buckle, metal ring, metal frame buckle in different sizes, models and product groups. D buckle. roller buckle etc. Start exploring our product range right here.
  • Bag Buckles : We produce the necessary types of buckles for bags, wallets and products in this group, specific to your request and your brand. Please visit our Merter Showroom. You can use the contact page for the address.
  • Metal Eyelets : Patterned and plain, Eyelet for belt, Eyelet for shoelace, Eyelet types and models used for coat and trousers accessories.
  • Rivets : Do you want to add a modern and contemporary look to your products? I think we can help you. How about examining our Rivet and Rivet varieties?
  • Zipper Pullers : Tired of standard zipper pullers? This category is for you. Would you like to see our varieties of Zipper Pullers with more than 150 models? Click the link now. Do you want to have a special model produced for your company? Come have a cup of tea and let's talk.
  • Cord Ends : If your products have a functional and functional deficit and you want to complete this aspect with elegance, you can start to examine the bagucu models, which are our production.
  • Stoppers -  Cord Locks : Stoppers or also called cord lock, Do you need this type of accessory? We are sure that you will have a lot to lose if you pass by without examining our models and varieties and seeing the manufacturing prices!
  • Brooches and badges : Your products are ready, you can find our product range here with a few clicks.

and other Textile and Leather Metal Accessories Manufacturing and Wholesale - Retail Online Sales

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  • Your orders will be processed as soon as possible after payment confirmation and you will be given a tracking number.
  • You can easily track the status of your orders on our website or on the shipping company's website.
  • For more information about the delivery time of your orders, you can contact us on our contact page.
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